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Wildly Fulfilling Wedding Proposal

My friend Stephanie Fleck owns Party Girl Events and in addition to throwing parties and planning weddings, she coordinates elaborate wedding proposals! She contacted me about a grand proposal that was to be covertly set up at the Vail Wine Classic Festival. We settled on a floral set with pictures of the couple and the painting as the center backdrop. Flowers die, but the painting was something they could keep forever to remember this moment.

LeVon, the groom-to-be, wanted a piece that embodied his and his girlfriend, Kat's, Instagram hashtag #wildlyfulfilling. I perused the tag and it was full of images of the couple's travels, skiing, concerts, food, and lots of bubbly! Ive been really into collages on my classic woodgrain, so I decided to take some images and themes directly from their Insta to create a mirrored collage.

This was my Illustrator mock-up of the placement:

So minds were changed and when I finally got confirmation of this project, I had 2.5 days to complete it. Which included a resin pour to protect the collage. In art, mistakes or unintended effects can change the outcome and most times, result in an even better outcome. Going with that flow is part of the channeling process of letting the art come through you. Some of the images didnt come back from the printer the right size and some intended placements got re-positioned.

I wanted to add my classic clouds since the gondolas were in the sky.

I ran into a little hiccup- the resin didnt cure! it had been 10 hours when it was time to take the painting to the site and it was still extremely tacky. It got kind of damaged on the trip over- I was freaking out! I torched it and we got it solid, leveled, and set up.

(I was able to repair all of it by adding a second layer of resin after the proposal.)

Stephanie did such a good job. She set up the tent right by the stage; upfront, but still unassuming. She coaxed them over by offering a special tasting.

The proposal was beautiful and a joy to be able to watch! Im so glad I got to be a part of this and it was a really fun project.

Stephanie's website is

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