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Mural in Minturn

Updated: Nov 17, 2018

Commissioned mural/room in a Glass Studio in Minturn, CO outside of Vail.

My first project upon moving back to Colorado from a 2 year stint in LA. Ben Belgrad had seen my art on Instagram and reached out to me to help beautify his glass studio. He was mainly interested in my abstract style.

We settled on faux wood walls with an abstract centerpiece.

We had originally chosen a wall in the main studio space but ended up deciding to do the office/kitchenette. Ben also displays his cup collection here for his Drinking Vessels charity auctions. This was my first faux job and we were super pleased with the result. I'm stoked to be able to add it to my portfolio and looking forward to doing more faux in the future and adding it into my art.

After finishing the faux walls, I then got to work on the mural. I added faux into the mural to tie it all together. Ben had some artwork from another artist that he wanted incorporated and we decided to use the mural as a frame for the 3 pieces. We also wanted the frame to tie in the aesthetic of the Drinking Vessels logo.


Ben's Studio

Ben holds a Monthly Minturn Makers Meetup at his studio, showcasing different artists of all types. Music, performers such as fabric dancers, and painters are among the features of the community event. Check out Facebook and Vail Valley Arts Community for details of the next event!

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