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Mural for Powabunga 2019

This project started pretty last minute and as a group project and brainstorming session and quickly turned into me just fully taking over this part of the project. They wanted some sort of backdrop mural for people to take pictures in front of and we agreed that 'wings' was a little played out and we settled on peacock plume- because who doesnt love peacock feathers!

We started with 6 plywood panels and I quickly realized we needed 9. I was able to paint this flat on the ground and then the piece was assembled onto a frame on site.

I ended up using stencils for the bulk of the mural and really enjoyed the effect of the fire glass I used to mosaic.

Up close you can see the glitter spray and the LED lights woven between more fire glass really framed the piece at night!

All in all this ended up being 33 hours of work with touchups at the end and everyone was really pleased with the final product! It brought a lot of color and fun to the festival in the midst of a cold March.

Powabunga 2020 was obviously cancelled due to covid, but I cant wait for the next one!

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