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Goat Collab with DeepCutDesigns

Updated: Nov 17, 2018

Allie Leigh of DeepCutDesigns sent me a carved log slice to paint for this collab.

Since I've been working with woodgrain, and Allie works with wood, we decided to collab on a piece and are both very happy with how this piece turned out. We went with bright colors and Allie added crystals and living air plants.

It is currently available. Contact me or DeepCutDesigns for details.

I started off trying to stain the grains like I normally do, but it didn't work out the same. So I went in a different direction. Also, I wet the center of the wood to add the blue color and then like a gunshot went off- the slab cracked violently from having been so dry. It was startling! Lol. No worries though, as the goat skull is mounted over the area.

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